Angel Eyes Headlight

    Are you looking for a fashion & super-performance headlight to attach to the front of your Yamaha Tmax 530/560 scooter?
    Then look no further. With the help of our “Angel Eyes” LED projector, you can get the perfect headlight for travelling anywhere that you need to go.
    This headlight, which is protected with a 1 -year warranty, gives you the help that you need to get your Yamaha scooter back on the road safe and ready to be driven at night.


    This is one of the most useful solutions that you could buy for a headlight for your vehicle. This uses an impressive ABS and UV protection system to help give you the best performance and the safest headlight solution. add in the fact that it comes with an E-Mark certification, and you can be sure that this is one of the most durable, accessible, and affordable headlights for a Yamaha TMax scooter available.

    We have created this design with dual low and high beams, giving you some 20% stronger lighter intensity than you would get with the original headlight. On top of this, we have used a fresh, modern design to help add the most glamour and charm to the Yamaha model itself.

    This helps to create a vehicle that looks fantastic, gives you the lighting that you need to see without issue, and ensures you are always visible on the road for other riders. Need to get a replacement LED Lights? That is fine- we have designed this so that you can easily and quickly replace (Plug&Play) the LED projector!

    Everything in our light has been designed to reach the highest European standards, making sure you get a vehicle that is safe to drive once again. Designed by our team of in-house engineers, we make sure that you can get a specialist lighting system fitted and installed on your vehicle ASAP.

    Tmax famous attention to detail and precision is given to every part of this LED headlight.
    Affordable yet modern design ensures you can improve aesthetics and performance together.
    High quality lighting makes sure you can get a 20% boost over conventional headlights.
    Long-term lifespan makes sure that you can get the most out of every LED that you fit.
    The best solution for those who want a patented, high quality, UV-protected headlight.
    European standard design making sure this carries a full E-Mark certification.
    1 year warranty provided to give you added peace of mind for years to come.

    There is a model of headlight that fits all TMax 530 2017-2019 models whose engine volume is 530 CC and its engine code is J415E There is a model that fits all Timex 560 models in 2020-2021 whose engine volume is 562CC and its engine code is J420E Order the flashlight that fits your model according to the link on the website
    The flashlight does not require any adjustment, except for the original flashlight and replace the Angel Eyes flashlight in its place. (Plug & Play)
    The flashlight comes with lighting; there is no need for the original lighting computers
    The flashlight comes with a European standard mark E9 and is authorized for use on any public road and in any country
    The flashlight is sold with a full warranty certificate for one year. Except for damage caused due to an accident, a fall, a change made to the electrical systems are retired by the customer. The manufacturer will deliver the defective part to the customer at the expense.
    The installation is simple for those with technical knowledge. We recommend going to the garage to perform the installation
    Shipping takes around 21 business days.
    Shipping is free
    The shipment includes a tracking number.
    Please contact us and check the shipping costs for you.
    The product can be returned in its original packaging. If the headlight is assembled, it can not be returned. Return shipping at buyer’s expense
    The product has passed quality control in the ISO 9001 standard. Each headlight undergoes a test that all functions work Before packing.
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